Dating someone has attempted suicide

17-Aug-2017 06:15

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He said something like, “Go ahead, break up with me.

It’s just another reason for me to kill myself.” Obviously, I freaked out and started panicking. Twice, I called his house in a panic to tell his mom I was worried about him (only twice because she didn’t listen to me). It didn’t matter what happened, whether he did something wrong or I did – he always turned a fight around to make me end up feeling sorry for him. I went from a happy-go-lucky teenager to someone who was constantly stressed out and scared. It’s hard to be happy when you’re constantly with someone who is severely depressed and it’s impossible to live your own life when it becomes centered around keeping one person happy.

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Imagine if your significant other felt the way Paris does – what would you do? I know I’m not the only one who has gone through something like this, so I wanted to share my story with you guys so you can see that, if this happens to you, you’re not alone.Finally, I woke my mom up to talk to him and calm him down because I was so scared that he was going to do something. The next morning, C acted like nothing had happened, even though I was still shaken. While some may call this a manipulation tactic, I know that C genuinely had depression issues he needed to work out – so while I was aware that he was manipulating and controlling me by making me feel guilty, I also felt like I couldn’t take the chance of not taking him seriously. C started seriously cutting himself, overdosing on prescription pills and using other illegal substances to not only numb his pain, but also to get my attention.